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About Us

Assam Legal Associates (ALA)

Assam Legal Associates is a Law Firm with a vision to promote and strengthen the legal aspects of Assam. Registered on Guwahati, we are working all over Assam. We were established on 2016 and comprises of some of the well known and prominent lawyers of the state. As an organization that works towards bringing good law into practice in Courts, Tribunals and Forums, it helps its clients by providing them insight into courts’ decision-making processes. The purpose here is simply for sharing our experience from personal experiences in law & ethics.

Living with a cause

Assam Legal Associates is on a mission to clean affordable and quality legal advice delivered to you on your convenience.


Best Legal Advice

Our team guarantees the best legal advice for a variety of business issues from experts in their specific fields.


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How It Works

Here is a brief overview of how we work. We take you through three initial stages during our proceedings.


To understand you and your problems better, we take you through a initial consultation where our experts will guide you to detect your case.


After consultation and detection of your exact issue, we build strategies for your case and assign you an expert based on the strategy taken.

Take Action

Lastly we come to most crucial part of our workflow. Taking in account the consultation and strategies discussed, we initiate actions with great success rate.